Selling is an essential skill for any small business and getting your sales and marketing strategy right is crucial to your success. We can help you both plan your approach and ensure you have the right people in place to implement it successfully. This can give you a competitive edge and help you secure sustainable business growth. Here are a few of the areas where we could help you develop an effective strategy:

Defining your target market(s)
Improving the sales function & process
Developing your brand identity
Identifying new business opportunities
Approaching & securing new clients
Writing tenders


Business development in the broader sense is a skill and function that can be overlooked. This typically involves taking a step back and looking for useful connections and opportunities. Such opportunities may not fit within an existing department or remit but can deliver significant value:

Building a cross-industry network
Benchmarking & measurement
Applying innovation
Seeking ways of adding value
Connecting with government
Value engineering - reducing cost whilst maintaining service
Create or enhance the sales strategy


You often need a safe and dependable pair of hands to represent your best interest on occasions when you or your team lack experience, time or resource.This is typically in an operational or business development role but doesn't have to be. Projects include capital or premises works, the development or change of an aspect of the organisation such as website, a capital bid, new build or re-furbishment. Specific functions/roles include:

Tendering & capital bids
Project management
Professional team creation
Customer & supplier contract negotiations


Microsites can provice you with a quick website or landing page for a product or service. They can priovide you with a temporary or permanent website that can work in conjunction with your main website and promote a specific product or service to your customers. Whatever you need a microsite for, our expert team can create a custom made website with a quick turn around. These sites can achieve a massive impact as they deliver a short, sharp message to your customers and can boost your existing online presence and marketing campaign. Microsites are a perfect solution at a low cost to starting an online business and maximise the potential to reach your customers.